A Singing and Performing group for Children

Children learn from qualified directiors how to sing correctly and perform on the stage

Parents Comments

I love Tavaci because it teaches skills that my daughter can use for life. Not only do they gain confidence in themselves through music, they learn also how to speak into a mic and have stage presence.
tavaci parent
I have tried for the last few years to get my children to play the piano and sing. I am such a musical person and I want my kids to learn music, but we have struggled so much to find something they would do and have a good attitude about. Since they started Tavaci, they are singing and not fighting me on the piano lessons anymore and they have come so far. It is a night and day difference. I finally have music in my home and it is a dream come true! Thank you for doing Tavaci! It has blessed my family so much.
Tavaci Mom
I love my kids singing and dancing around the house! Tavaci is such an amazing tool and truly makes a difference in their lives.
Tavaci Parent